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Welcome to Oprah's Book Club Guild Site!
Mission Statement
Our mission is to have success in both the pve and pvp aspects of HoT. We plan on being in the forefront and have great success in anything we decide to do. We will be a strong guild. People will respect you when they see the guild tag under your name.

We expect people to be mature. We do not have any age limitations, but if we see people acting immaturely they will be promptly asked to leave. We also expect people to be active. Although we do realize that people have families, jobs, or schooling and cannot play too many hours a week. We just ask that when you do play, you bring your A-game but most importantly, always have fun. We prefer if members have Ventrillo installed, but mics are not required. This will greatly help our communication allowing for more success. WARNING: There are no limitations on guild chat and vent, so if you do not like hearing/reading the occasional profanity, do not complain. Also, do not apply if you do not have a sense of humor